How To Make Office model interior designig?

It’s no secret that office design can either enhance or dampen your company culture. Ultimately, the best design for your office is the one that reflects your values and meets your company’s and employee’s needs.


MEETING AREA: The area where group of people can meet to discuss anything they need to discuss. It can be an enclosed area or an open space. We tried to keep meeting area an enclosed room to avoid noise distractions.

WORKSTATION AREA: These are the areas of office workspace that have sitting arrangements where employees are sited closed to one another. In our model we tried to give every employee individual work area.

MD CABIN: While designing MD cabin we tried to keep it as enclosed space so that the noise interruption is very less and transparency is maintain so that manager can have a watch at employee through glass partitions.

BRINGING NATURE INTO OUR WORLD: NATURAL LIGHT is the most important element in a building sunlight and daylight are brought into the building thorough glass window and glass partition and hence we incorporated glass partition in meeting room.

NATURAL MATERIALS: Floor, ceiling , staircase and surfaces can be made from natural material from wood and stones.

ERGONOMIC WORKSTATIONS: These days sitting is the new “smoking”. Sitting at your desk for long period of time can have negative effect on your health.

ERGONOMIC CHAIRS: These are office chairs that have adjustable support for your lower back their seat height should also be adjustable so that the person sitting on the chair has both feet planted firmly on the ground.

CONCLUSION: Today office interior designing trends are all about enhancing the productivity, creativity collaboration and wealth of employee workforce as competition for attracting the best employee.